Masterclasses & Workshops

From 3-7 August 2016 Piano et Forte’s showroom will be the venue for masterclasses given by: Maurizio Baglini, pianoforte;
Silvia Chiesa, cello;
Ensemble with piano

Both Maurizio Baglini and Silvia Chiesa are internationally-renowned classical music performers, as well as highly experienced teachers and very active and appreciated cultural figures. Thanks to their many different talents they are very well-placed to advise talented young musicians, not only prescribing targeted paths for technical improvement, but also helping with choice of repertoire. Both are basic requirements when it comes to overcoming obstacles in the classical music profession, especially in challenging times such as those we face today.

This masterclass is intensive and has a final concert. It offers two possible artistic directions: either exploring traditional repertoires in a new and up-to-date way, or researching rare and unusual repertoires. In each case – both as far as the solo cello/piano masterclass is concerned, and the chamber music masterclass - the goal is the creation of a unique profile that enhances the talent of each performer.

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